Identity, Website

Role: Design Direction / Graphic Design / Web Design
Developer: Makoto Masui
Typeface: Studio Feixen - Noi Grotesk, Monotype - Tazugane Info
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Ishimura+Neichi is a Tokyo-based architectural practice. The studio has been working on a wide range of residential, interior, exhibition, product and furniture designs. The visual identity was produced around a website. The website expresses both ease of access to information and memorable typography on a single page. Noi Grotesk by Studio Feixen was used for the English text, and Tazugane Info by Monotype was used for the Japanese text. Each typeface was selected and produced with attention to fine detail representing its philosophy.

Award: Site of the day - Mind sparkle Mag
Featured: The Brand Identity, Mindsparkle Mag, Klikkenthéke,

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