British Film Institute
Campaign Visual

Role: Design Direction / Graphic Design
Creative Direction: Darren Wood, Nariaki Kanazawa
Animation Creative Direction: Yuki Matsushima
Animation Direction: Susumu Yamaguchi
Animation Produce: Kenichiro Goto, Tomoya Iwasawa
Illustration: Tatsuya Kondo
Location: Nationwide, UK

JAPAN 2021 was a Japanese film campaign by the British Film Institute carried out from 2020 to 2021 across the UK. The project focused on over 100 years of Japanese film through cinema seasons, online exhibitions, theatrical releases and education events. We used archetypes from different film genres to create an overarching traditional and modern design style. The illustration style allowed us to create a really strong and iconic promotional and advertising campaign.

Award: 101st ADC Awards Bronze Cube, The One Show Shortlist
Featured: CREATIVE REVIEW, Communication Arts

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